Please help me Is it wrong to be timid (shy) when around the guy you have a crush on even though he's really nice and smiles when you blush and look away?


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Not really but shows a sign of weakness to him that he can make you do that by just looking at you especially if he isn't at all interested in you. Sometimes you try your best not to show emotions to any guy as that tells him how you feel and makes you an easy mark for him even when he really doesnt care so acting shy and embarassed and such is all fine and dandy for little girls, but one day you will grow up and understand all this
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I 'm not a child. -_-
Tiffany Davis
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I'm 20 i just have disabilitys that make it where i don't understand cirtain things
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Ok I deeply apologize but sometimes its hard to tell how old someone is by their question. I dont want offend you but youre in a different class here but still have to try and hide your emotions the best you can, just like you dont have a special challenge at all, which isnt easy here so maybe in your case, being shy will have the opposite effect and draw guys to you so all you can do is still try and find what works for you

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