What Does It Mean When You Look At A Guy And He Looks Away?


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Its because it awkward just to be staring into the eyes of someone your not sure if they like you or not. Most likely he doesn't want you to notice him noticing you if he isn't sure how you feel about him.

lol I think Ive answered one of your questions about this guys already.
but anyways ill give you an example of what I meant.

for instance this girl I use to like
I would stare into her eyes when we together
(she was really shy)
she would ask me why are you staring at me
id always say because your so pretty and she
thought that was weird. So I asked her did she not like when I did things like that to her and she said she does but it was awkward.

its confusing but its the best way I can explain it.

hope this helps. ^_^

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Well this guy does it to me. But I have two Jordon's in my class and I was trying to get the other ones attention and the other one(the one I think likes me) turns around and I said I meant the other one. Then the guy that likes me gets all sad and tells his friend something and then his friend looks at me.
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I also want to know what it means because this guy I kinda like use to look at me know he can't even turn around to see me. Today I saw him and I wasn't looking at him but I could see with the corner of my eyes that he faced another way when I passed by
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When I sat down on the bench  there was a class of boys doing P.E sport  and this guy I realise he was looking at me so I kept lookin at him and he did the same to me.
His name is mitchel (hot asian boy :P)
I really like him and I think he likes me too :)
I want him to hang out with me but I think his shy or somethin :)
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The guy  either married  or shy . Perhaps think he cannot dream to have such a beautiful lady as yourself... Or perhaps he just has his mind on something else
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I think that he still likes you, but if you are going to be friends, then you have to talk to him and let him know that you are interested. But, be prepared for him not being willing to respond in kind. It is a tough thing to be rejected 2 times like you did, and he might just give it one more try, but you are going to have to make the move, because that would be too much to be told no 3 times. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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