If a guy looks at me alot from the corner of his eyes alot does that mean he's interested?


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Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
If you're the only one he is looking at this way, then it is possible he likes you but is afraid to approach you.
If, on the other hand, he looks at everyone this way..... Well he may be psychotic and paranoid. Just a thought :)
I do hope it is the first part rather than the second.
kaitlyn hall Profile
kaitlyn hall answered
That means hes so interested because then if he didnt look at you sometimes then he want nothing with you go after him if you want him girl do what a girl needs to do!
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John answered
Either that or you have something on you or in your teeth  or you have some strange hidious problem that attracts boys : ) . Just kidding,most likely he would like to date you ,but he doesn't know how to ask you or he thinks he is not worthy of you. Maybe you should be asking your mom this question or even your dad since that is what they are there for and they have been here done that.and most likely your mom would like for you to ask your parents these type of questions. : ) .I don't got anymore advice,so ask your parents/guardians. Then ask the boy out(with their permission) if you like him and have your parents how shall we say chaperone from afar hahahahahaha. That or put a tracking app in your phone so they can hear and know where your at every second of the date. Doh!

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