What Are Some Signs To Know That He's Falling For You?


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Depends entirely on the type of person he is and what he likes.The obvious signs are the one's like his constant stare and stuff like that.Some guys tend to watch you every move as they are studying who you really are in front of people and when your alone. The guy may fish around to get as much as he can on you and also,he will ask questions,silly ones at times just to get to know every side of you.Just be yourself so that he gets to know all of you and understand who you really aer inorder to have a healthy relationship from the start.And of corse,a drunk never lies,so that should basicaly answer this question for you by 60%.
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He treats you with respect... Is kind, and gentle.  Does not lie to you, or spend more time with his friends than with you.  He shows you affection, is not violent with you.  He smiles when he sees you, does things for you without being asked.
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He looks into your eyes a lot
compliments on your outfit or hair
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One of the best signs is acting awkward around you.  He gets so nervous about looking dumb or screwing up that he looks dumb and screws up.
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He la augh with you a lot he follows you around a lot he talks with you a lot and something else
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Well, that's a nice question to answer, see if you have your own doubts that someone likes you or rather loves you, you must analyse the whole thing inside out, give it sometime to build itself over the both of you, try to see the difference in the behaviour of that person, try to feel the extra attention that he has for you now, try to make out yourself, as he might not be ready or he might not have gathered enough strength to make it up to you and say the words, as you being a girl will always expect the guy to approach you first. See how he behaves even to others when you are around him, how he looks at you, how he smiles at you, his body language is bound to change if he loves you, and you are around... Take some time and if you want him to like you as you have a soft corner for him then give it a try, but don't take too long..
And as a matter of fact the situation you are in is exactly the same situation I'm in, well a bit different here, I'm in love with a girl, but don't at all know how she feels for me... So taking my own time to make it clear...
At the same time, it's not at all an easy job to know how someone feels for you, or rather he is just pretending in a way as if to make you feel good and make you feel secured... It's a big problem if a situation like this arise, trust me I was going through the same confusion that you are lately... And I believe you just need to give it sometime to analyze the situation, You cannot make any wrong move based on what you feel is right, and who know weather it's right or not, take your time to know that person better and you need to be sure about what you are going to to with this... Don't let that person make a misconception that you know that that person likes you and you are taking that person for granted and waiting for him to respond. It's a bad situation for anyone... Figure out more things, try to know that person in close... Give it sometime, and if at all that person is just pretending just because he doesn't want to hurt your feeling than sooner you will find that out... But yes, If that person really likes you then you have to wait for sometime at least... Don't wait for long, it might make that person to move on if he is not confident enough to approach you... So make that person feel like you like him everyday... Do certain thing.. Give that person few indications everyday that will help him to realize slowly that you are in love with him/her, and if its fate that he has to move on... Try all fair means to keep him to you... And if ar all it doesn't work then let him slip away and don't regret that its a bad thing the happened, coz then it will be clear that this person was not meant for you.... Best of luck
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He introduces you to his family/friends. He trusts you with his secrets, social security number, home, etc. He tells you and you can see it in his eyes. He shows you and doesn't just tell you. He remembers things you say and do...especially those things you didn't expect for him to remember. He doesn't choose another girl over you(meaning, may look from time to time and have his lady friends, but he knows to keep control and not cross that line with them). If cheating becmes an issue, he does his best for you not to find out. I know dishonesty isn't okay so I'm not saying accept the cheating. Just saying that usually when a man loves you, he lets the other girls know he has a girl and that it is what it is. He spends time with you outside of the house. He doesn't only say I love you when you are doing sexual things. He tries to contact you at least once a day(i.e. Email, text, phone call, visit) and is not afraid to let you know when he misses you(in case ou guys miss a day). He chooses to be monogamous with you and makes sure he spends time with you. There is nothing wrong with space and time away from eachother. But if he spends time with you during the day and not just at night (if you don't live together), then he probably has some deep feelings for you. If he makes sure you are okay or makes sure to let you know whats going on with him for the day instead of ignore you and keep you guessing, he probably has some deep feelings for you. If he deals with your womanly issues(nagging, being emotional, whatever...). If he can sincerely express himself to you without you asking...
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Love is very common topic. And mostly it is popular among young group of people. Majority of the youngsters who newly entire into the new phase of life, and that is love, they explore variety of new feelings and emotions. But speaking of true love, there is no age limit and boundaries. Still today there are great love stories, existing. In order to know if a guy likes you or know then you should try and pretend to stay away from him. If he's a friend then talk to him but to the point. Make him feel like is he just a friend to you, this will definitely make him do something out of the way to make him feel special in front of you.

This will also make him feel jealous and in this feeling he will try to come close to you. He will call you up and try and talk to you and even want to spend time with you. By this you will definitely get to know him even more and you will know about his likes and dislikes. After this try and make friends so that you intentionally talk to him and by this he will feel insecure. Jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness and care show how much the other person loves you. When you are in love you can never hid your feeling no matter much hard you try not to.
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If he is falling for you, he should be calling and so on. You would be his main focus. It is hard to tell sometimes, but best to go on a few dates, hopefully, and find out. Ask him out, guys are just as much afraid of rejection as girls are
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Well, you catch him looking at you most of the time. He makes excuses to just talking or be near you. He contacts you everyday asking about lame thing. He seems genuinely interested about you, about your current status, your hobbies, and everything. The last is he asks you out (that's for sure).
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Well he would always try to look at you, gives you friendly handshakes, maybe trying to seat closer to you at lunch or class, trying to help out in every sort of way. Some other guys have their own techniques, they even try to flirt with other girls to make you jealous. Some other signs are he would know every likes and dislikes of yours, trying to buy gifts and roses to you, giving attention to you more than his guy friends, maybe sometimes trying to talk about boyfriend-girlfriend topics, hinting you. It depends upon you how you look at the things.
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If you are in love and are looking out for signs than look within yourself and ask yourself , Can you trust that man ? If the answer is 'yes' the signs will appear themselves and you need not ask anybody....love knows how to carve out a way out of anything and even out of nothing.....
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Well,you know what they say a child and a drunk never lies.A sign to know hes fallin for you is if he's really gentle,with you and your feelings.and also if he listens to you and provides a shoulder to  lean on.and is with you through thick and thin.Also watch out for the difference how they tell you they love you....if they say "I'm in love" or I love you...I'm in love they mean it for sure but if they say I love you..you run the risk...
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Awwww I see this is a hard decision but when someone is drunk they can not control them self there for they can not control their speech either.
Take it easy and ask him again when he is sober [not drunk] if he meant what he said!
When he gazes into your eyes or holds your hand or hugs you for a long time this could be a sign of love  :)
Good luck
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He is the initiator of things. If you feel you are then stop for a day. If he texts you, or calls you or approaches you and talks to you, then you know that he thinks about you when your not together. Also be honest with him. My previous girlfriend that I had asked me out by flat out telling me that she liked me and thought about me when we weren't around eachother. I thought it was so cute how she plucked up the courage to tell me that to my face, not through text or a phone call.
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I think he does love you. When you're drunk, though you might not remember what you've said the next day, some sense and truth does come out of it.
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He compliments you and seems genuinely interested when speaking to you, he doesnt only talk to you to hookup. He likes you for you. You occasionally catch him staring at you, with a look in his eye which makes him think where on earth he would be without you.
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He stares at you much,calls you more often, keeps you company and when he'd rather spend his time with you   without basically thinking of sexing always.
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When he actually makes some sort of effort to confront you, and really shows some type of interest. When he tries to get to know you. When he just looks deep into your eyes, gives you that feeling,... Then
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If a guy truly likes you hell spend a lot of time with you and if your across the room he'll be looking at you a lot just be true to him and if hes genuine and worth your time he'll be true to you too
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He usually smiles but he just doesn't tell you once you guys have been friends for about 2 or 3 years he will finally tell you like my bf
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There are many ways to know that someone is falling for you or not. First of all your heart will automatically will say you that, this person is in love with you. If you can't understand your heart then, you can judge by his behavior. If he is caring you more then your other friends or colleagues. Giving you gifts, which you like. Give you flower, when he see you daily. When he take care of your all needs. When you are talking to him and he is continuously steering you, then it means he likes you. When he understands your every talk, and accepts your all habits.

You can also check, when his friends are teasing him by your name, then it definitely mean that he likes you. When he spends more time with you instead of his friends. He calls you regularly, when you are at home and away from him.
These are all some general signs which show that he is falling for you. And also you will be sure when at the rose day or valentine day, he offers you to be his valentine or rose partner. Then definitely he likes you.

Simply I would say that any one's likeness can be seen from his/her eyes and talking method, when he/she is talking with you.

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