What Are Some Signs That A Guy Likes You?


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He overlooks your obvious flaws, never even mentioning them!!!!!
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There could be hundreds of signs and you might not understand many of them. There is no such hard and fast rule that defines the signs. However some common signs are:

- If the guy smiles at you
- If he stares for a long time
- If he wave you or give you some other sign etc
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If he blushes when you speak to him
If he tries harder to be around you
If he compliments you
If he dodges eye contact, but that pendulum can swing both ways
If he can't concentrate
If he acts stupid
If he gets you something
If he intercepts hugs from other people
If he tries hard to impress you
If he does things for you he wouldn't normally do for others
If he mentions being single a lot
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There are quite a few. Maybe if he pokes, tickles, or uses any excuses to get physical contact with you. This guy I met does all that and tries to put ice down my butt and wants me to sit on his lap. Also if you catch him staring at you or talks about you to his friends. If he tries to show off also. Or you could have one of your friends ask him in private if he likes you.
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There are many ways to tell if a guy likes you but this is not to be confused with a guy who thinks you are attractive. Some of the things that Achia described above could be either liking you or a sign that you are attractive. Ways to tell if he likes you are things like going out of his way to be around you and talking to you frequently. Offering you things.

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