What Are Some Signs A Guy Is Insecure?


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That is definably a sign of a guy being insecure when he comes down, don't be surprised if he goes through your cell phone see who you talk to take a piece of advice from someone who has been married for 23 years, a relationship does not even began to work without 3 main ingredients COMMUNICATION TRUST HONESTY then you can build on love let him know that talk to him he won't know it bothers you unless you tell him.
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When a guy calls all the time or text messages you all the time that is a sure sign. If you are going out with your friends and you get 20 questions is also a sign.
It is a turn off when they are there all the time, the excitement is kinda gone,
Wouldn't it be nice to have those butterflies from excitement to hear from....
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It sounds like he is more insecure about the relationship than himself. If he is the type of guy that needs to know where you are at all times 24/7 then perhaps you should think hard about continuing the relationship. The part that sets me is when you mention, "He always thinks I am just ignoring him."
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You should talk to him and explain the situation. and if ever you can visit his city, look for his friends and his company. You can better understand him by knowing about his friends."A man is known by his company"
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I don' think he is an insecure person. He is insecure about the relationship because you miss his calls and don't message him. I think he has every right to be!! Can't you see, you are causing it dear!!
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My first boyfriend would always just play with his keys and I would just tell him how hot he was. It kind of helped

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