What are some signs that someone is a redneck?


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Some signs that someone is a redneck are.....They live in a trailer, own coon hounds, shop at Walmart, have a disabled car or two in the yard, they smoke and chew tabacco, drink beer and moonshine instead of martinis chardonnay,merlot, and champagne. They drive a four wheel drive pickup, they have more than one dog under the front porch. They believe that Fox News is the most truthful.They vote republican,and think they are more patriotic than others. They love NASCAR and hate Jeff Gordon. Well that is a few they are not the only group with these traits but these do seem to be perevalent amoung them.
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A mentally challenged white male, usually from the South with an IQ of a beaver. They are characterized by: Ignorance, intolerant of others, isolated in their own little world, uneducated, marry their own sisters, live in a run down trailer, claim to love America, but carry a Confederate flag, vote against their own interest, are politically inept, and ask and answer senseless questions on Blurtit.
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Thanks Jackyll.
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You are way off on this one buddy .........redneck is not an exclusively southern thing and do you even know where the term orginiated from .....Here is a good redneck joke .....What does a hurricane a tornado and a redneck divorce have in common ?.........Somebody is going to lose a trailer .......ha ha ha
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Sure Reb, you're gonna defend them, you're right on the borderline and if I'm way off where does red neck country start about half mile yonder down the road? Don't be so sensitive, I didn't point my finger directly at you did I?
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Redneck-sunburn on the back of the neck because redneck's never look up(they do all the work while some clown takes credit for it for a while until they are let go and the redneck is put in charge).that's why they came up with wearing a neckerchief.the reason other people make fun of redneck's is because they use to be one and they want to remember where they came from.
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When I was working in Houston, Tx, you could buy T-shirts that started "You may be a redneck if" and followed by a list of likely signs, like owning a pickup truck, tucking your cigarettes into the sleeve of your T-shirt, having a rifle rack in the back window of your pickup, etc etc.
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I'll answer your Question if you answer this,What are the Signs that someone is an Elitists Snob?Here's a Hint,They ask Ignorant,Bigoted,Intolerant,Hate Mongering Questions Like, What Are The signs Of a Red Neck?
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Although we all laugh and make fun of the redneck, he is the one who has a sunburn on his neck....why?  Generally, he is the one who does labor in the sun that others think they are too good for.  He is the one who honors family, home and church and country and is not afraid to stand up and say so.  He may live in a trailer but he would die before he would dishonor his Mother and would fight to the death for his country (and has).  He may drive a beat up pick-up truck but it is paid for because he does not believe in being head-over-heals in debt.  A Redneck had just as soon have his tongue cut out as lie though his teeth.  He may not have all his teeth but it is because he did not go to the dentist so that his child could go.  In other words, my friends, the Redneck is a loyal, loving, honest, family man who loves his country and never had family money to fall back on or had the opportunity to get a good education because he quit school to help support his siblings.  I know this Redneck...he was my father-in-law and was (as we one-generation away from being a Redneck like to say), "He was the salt of the earth."  BTW, you can't live without salt!
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A group of usually men,drinking beer from bottles,spitting,staring if you walk past them,and typically pig ignorant

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