How Do You Charm A Girl?


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Orsiela Wiese Profile
Orsiela Wiese answered
Eye contact, and a smile that lasts for 2 seconds.  No words.  It will make her think about the mystery of the situation.  She might then even approach you after a few days to get information on why you had done it.  Girls like the mysterious guys.  It is intriguing.
sandy stegmaier Profile
sandy stegmaier answered
Confidence....Humor....and just be yourself.  If you are not comfortable with who you are, people can't be comfortable either.  Chances are she might be just as insecure about the same things.  Remember....a good relationship must always have TWO things:  HONESTY and TRUST...You can't trust someone who's not honest...and you can't respect someone you can't trust.
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Anonymous answered
I will use my humor to attract girls.
Umesh umesh Profile
Umesh umesh answered
Speak to her jovially
Jon Cunningham Profile
Jon Cunningham answered
Be yourself and IF they like you for who you are then BAM! I use my guitar skills to charm girls.... I know it's wrong but hey I'm being me... Or you can hire an assassin?
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Anonymous answered
Be nice, give her compliments, stick up for her, show off ur talents and make her laugh hope it helped
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lauren jones answered
Not that i know even though i am a girl, i just like someone normal,smart and who loves to adventure!  Just be yourself!

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