Can A Boy Really Change His Feeling Toward A Girl?


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Can feelings change?   Certainly they can.   People grow apart as they age, someone is disloyal, someone lies, someone does not show respect for the other,   someone tries to control the other party, someone hits or is verbally abusive, someone is jealous and constantly accuses the other of being unfaithful, someone is self-centered and/or selfish, there are as many reason for feelings to change as there are fish in the sea (slight exaggeration).   On the other hand, one can go from feeling no connection to another person to seeing that person as the one you wish to spend your life with.   The "whys" of feelings and emotions are hard to pin down and describe.   As with everything in the world, they are subject to change.   All things change and feelings are no different.
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Yes i believe they can, it's nice to hope they can but it's true people fall in and out of love with others all the time, they can hate someone then like them or they can like them love them then never talk. So yes boys infact anyone can change there feelings towards someone (:
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Yes...I am sure it happens everyday ...
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Yes he can.
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Yes he changes
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Of course, anyone can change there mind about anyone else! Just remember to be yourself, and everyone will like you for who you truely are!
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G'day Africanchi,

Thank you for your question.

Yes it can. Boys fall in love with and out of love with girls all the time.

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Yes but i don't think i will bcuz its like when im talking to u its llike my world is on cloud 9 and i don't wanna come down from it,no matter wat happens ,i will still love you

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