How to understand the feelings of a girl towards you?


2 Answers

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mark mwelumuka answered
Psychologically man is able to identify who can be his or her friend without consulting a witch doctor.For sure it is never in black or white to know her feeling over someone,but through your touch, smile, time she gives you,freedom she expresses before you, all is evidence enough for you to deduce her feelings for you. Well, if you really want to know her feeling try this;- ask for her phone number if she is able to,try to hold her hand for a minute and when she about to go try to call her back,but don't say anything while you look direct in to her eyes.If she doesn't react to this roughly all is well with you.
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ashley beach answered
If she takes the time to talk to you everyday at sometime then she most likely likes you but if she keeps calling you her friend then thats what you are just her friend ..her feelings don't go any farther

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