Why is it that guys like you but then date someone else?


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maya murry answered
Maybe they like you but not enough to date you. Yet they could be dating or going out with the other person to get you to be jealous....
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Arthur Wright answered
Like to keep back ups around just in case number one goes down the tube so they always have a date available at a moments notice
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mark ssali answered
The good thing is that you used the word liking. The  fact that i like you doesnot mean that  I should date you because liking is conditional.I like you because of something  and that means that I can date the other person because of what I have seen in them that you do not have but it doesn't mean that i don't like you.
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Nadya Bean
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Can u sorta explain that again??? Im sorta slow and well idk... Thanks tho
mark ssali
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What i meant is that liking is a shallow word.its less emotional.Imagine you friends like you,do they have to date you all? Obviously no! But it doesn't mean that they don't like you.
Nadya Bean
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Oh well u kno what i mean.... Like like you.. But thks i understand now!
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Men have no idea what there doing there minds dont work right lol
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Because they are asses.. That is all. Certain guys only care to have sex and use girls.

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