How Can I Make A Girl, Who Loves Another Man, Love Me?


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What to do if she loves someone else? 

Nothing. You can't force someone to love you, and you probably shouldn't try if this girl is already involved with someone else. Don't try to come between her and her boyfriend; if she's with him, and she doesn't love you, there's really nothing you can or should do about it. 
So, is it okay to love a girl involved with another man? 
Obviously, you can't help who you have feelings for - just keep them to yourself until such time as she's single. Until then, if you really like her, you can start by simply making a good impression. Don't be too pushy or try to prove anything because that's a real turn-off to most women.

Be her friend, be around her, and be a good listener. The more comfortable she is around you, the more likely she is to start being interested in you.

You can't really ask her out on an actual date while she's still involved but you could ask her to do things with you in a general way like start up a conversation, go to the library together, see a movie together. Whatever she seems to like doing, offer to do it with her as a friend first and foremost.

However, if you're going to go down this road, be prepared to deal with her boyfriend. He's not likely to appreciate you spending so much time with his girlfriend - at all. 

 he main thing is not to be desperate, and just to be there if she is ever single. If she loves someone else, even if they do break up, you don't want to be the cause or the reason for that.

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Well, you can start by seeing what she likes in a guy and start working on that, then show her that you're better-suited to her then her boyfriend is, and that you two fit more together and that you're more worthy of her time then him. Get enough time with her so that she thinks more about you and your awesome times but not too much to freak her out.

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First of all, if she loves someone else its no possible way that she will stop loving who she loves just to love you. You cannot force anyone to do anything that they don't want to do and if she loves someone else, why do you want her to love you? There is plenty of single women out here...Why do you want something that doesn't belong to you? 

Think smart.....If you had a girlfriend that you loved and adored so much and another guy was trying to do the same thing that you're doing, I know you wouldn't appreciate that. So to answer your question, you can't make anyone love you if she already loves someone else.
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Be better then the other man.
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Kathryn's completely right — you can't make somebody love you, and if you did love the girl, you wouldn't try to come between her and the man that's making her happy.

What Would Happen If I Tried To Make Her Love Me Instead Of Him?

  • You'd embarrass yourself. If I had feelings for someone who wasn't interested in me, I'd back off and leave them alone, because it's degrading, undignified and pathetic to chase someone who doesn't want you. You can't help who you love, but if they don't love you back, save yourself the embarrassment.
  • You'll cause the girl a lot of stress. I've been in this situation before, several times, and it's horrible. I felt guilty, worried, uncomfortable, and avoided that person as much as possible. Put yourself in her shoes — how would you feel if somebody that you didn't love, or even like, kept pestering and/or emotionally blackmailing you?
  • She will tell her boyfriend, and he won't be happy. If you keep trying to make her love you — or keep trying to ask her out on dates, or talk to her all the time on Facebook — she'll get stressed and he'll be angry. They might even argue about what should be done (she might want to take a more sensitive approach, whereas he might want her to tell you straight) and that would make them both miserable. If you loved the girl, you wouldn't want her to be miserable.
Trying to break up a couple is morally wrong. If you really love her, just be her friend, but don't try to get too close. Keep your distance and be pleasant to her, and don't make a move unless they break up.
Don't try to split them up — just because she's not with him, it doesn't mean she'll want to be with you, especially if you're the cause of the break-up.
I feel so strongly about this because I know how unpleasant it can be. I've been in tears over situations like this, so if you truly love the girl, just leave her alone until she's single. Even if/when that happens, you can't make her love you.

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You can't make someone love you if she loves someone else,the only thing you can do is stay in the background and if they split be there as a friend and take it from there.  Don't try to push her into a relationship or it will put her off of you. Good luck
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Work out get a 12 pack and get really hot then date another girl. Show the girl you like the girl and she would wish she was the girl that your with. Date for at least 3 weeks then break up. The girl you like will see your available and will go after you.
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Bring her some flowers,chocolate,her favorite music,or even ask would you like some help on your math home work*

*if she has any home work

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