Guy Is Falling For Girl While In Love With Another. Can A Man Really Love Two Women At Once?


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First you must understand the difference between liking and Love. These things are altogether different. There are many times in life when we like something or someone. Everything in this world has some attraction in it. It's a law of nature. For example some would like ocean and the other might be frightened of the water. Some would like sky diving others have acrophobia. Some would like a black girl and the other might define her ugly. Liking, disliking is a relative term that varies from person to person.

The guy had liked you and it's very much possible, infact I am pretty sure he still likes you. He might was shy to tell you about his feelings. If he would have expressed his feelings you might be in love. And love is stronger than likeness. If you have love for each other then even you are miles apart you can feel the pain of your beloved. It happens sometimes when you delay and wait for the other to express his/her feelings first, you lose the person you like the most.

As far as your question, "Can a man love two women at the same time"? My answer is yes. A man can marry two women and can love both. But his love can be different for both. He might love one more than the other. But he can still love both. He can still give happiness to both. But it's sometimes very difficult to manage. No all men can do that. Most often a person involved in dual relationship becomes more frustrated and ends up with breaking both. But there are also a few examples where I have seen a person having two wives is living happily. This happiness also demands from the person the equal amount of time, rights, care, affection and love for both.
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Jessie Cuellar answered
Been there done that. Yes its possible. I found my soul mate. Yippee good for me, shes not ready to date yet. So to kill time, I date other girls (she doesnt know I like her that much btw). I seriously fell in love with one of the girls I was dating in the mean time. In love with two girls at once.

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