I feel sick from my own shame. What do I do?


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I don't think there is nothing wrong or shameful for enjoying a certain musical style. But as you have said your parents are very strict and probably won't understand. Question though, is this such a burden for you to keep this from them? It's not like your breaking any laws or doing something destructive. Sometimes you just have to keep stuff to yourself, not everyone is entitled to your secrets.
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I say if you want my humble advice is to take a step back and look within and realize that what you call horrible I call a strength about you. That you care so much for how your parents would react, and that you have tried to make sense of this only indicates a strong level of maturity and reflection. Take stock that these are powerful individual traits that express who you are and although difficult right now, one day you will look back and realize you have done absolutely nothing wrong.
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Awh! Dat's so nice! I'm sure back then I would have made some whiney comment about how "Oh, but you don't understand..." or "My life is so terrible..." I'm so appreciative! ;D

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