How do you know if people are controlling you. Because I feel like my family is controlling me too much. I feel happier doing my own thing?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

You don't know, you just feel it. If you are living with your parents, they are going to try and exert control over you. They are trying to protect you in their own way. Till you come of age and are out on your own, this will continue. Be thankful they care enough to try and guide you when many parents don't even bother. It's not really controlling you, it's that they are trying to guide you in life.

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I feel happier driving my car over the posted speed limit, but I am controlled by traffic laws.  I understand that those laws are there for my own good, even if I think I am a better driver than the people who actually need to be controlled on the road (FYI: regardless of what I would like to think of myself, I'm not a better driver).

Beyond that metaphor, I agree with Rooster.  We have lived long enough to know that kids are not capable of realistically assessing their own abilities and decision making skills.  Parents have the experience to know better than you what is best for you.  Your goal should be to prove them wrong by being as responsible as you can so that when you DO leave the home and their protective control, you will amaze them with how well you have adapted to adulthood.

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