I don't feel strongly towards anything really. I used to have goals and passions but now I don't. I feel like if you ask me what I like or what my hobbies are I couldn't answer. I do things because I have to, not because I want to?


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So, what is your question? It's hard to point you in the right direction on how you can fix things if we don't have any idea what, if anything, you want to change.  Also, it would be helpful to know how old you are (i.e., going through puberty, or menopause, or having a mid-life crisis, you get the idea).

Generally speaking, it sounds like you are depressed. You should visit your doctor to rule out any medical issues. If you are severely depressed where it's affecting your quality of life, tell your doctor that. There are several wonderful medications that can help depression, but no one can help until you reach out.

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Welcome to finding THAT which you care about . . .

Bear in mind, some of this can be diagnosed as "Depression". This is not merely a mental state, but a chemical imbalance . . . So, please seek counseling to further pursue why you have a hard time caring about anything.

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you know , during these teen years, we change our mind alot , and are never sure.

Sometimes , due to the increased pressure of work , you fell you've lost your hobbies and interests.

The best thing to do would be to take a day off after finishing the present work and enjoying the time,you might spend an amount of time doing nothing and just wondering but after that time you'd want to do something and enjoy, that'd be your hobby and interest.

So dont ever feel hopeless about having lack of interests, or anything like that. Lowering the amount of pressure and handling it in a way that you dont get burdened would make you enjoy things and not just do them cause your told to.

just smile more , and be kind, all the pressure on you would feel to decrease,no matter how much it is!

Trust me, i've tried!!

It feels like a whole new world you've entered!!


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