I ignored my crush for a month because I thought he liked someone else and tried to get over him. But I couldn't do it... And I found out he never liked anyone else. He always liked me. But I feel weird talking to him now. What do I do?


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Matt Radiance answered

You have to feel weird, you prejudged your crush and made decision by your foolish prejudgment that ended up with ignoring someone, therefore, you need to leave your crush alone and learn a lesson from this action you've made for the future.

Give yourself time. "time" is valuable and solution to so many problems. You'll get over it. Give yourself time and get busy with life. You'll forget before you know it.

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Nina Varganov answered

Get real with yourself here. You like someone and that person likes you. What would you say to any person in your place? Weird is just another thing people are scared of, so get over your fear and go talk to them. I'm sure you have probably even dreamed about what you would say.

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pia carter answered

talk to him normally, as if nothing happened. Just give it time to posses and after it doesn't feel weird between you guys appologize for what happened and talk it out.

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