I liked this boy and my friend told him I liked him, and he replied that he liked someone else. But a month later he's trying to get my attention/likes me now. I don't know what to do, I got rejected twice, so am kind of nervous. Advice?


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Jess Taylor , To make it clear for you!, answered

Bad condition. I used to have this experience. When he tell you , he likes you. What do you think at the first time? Surprise right? So you need to learn more from him. Why is he a kind of person who easily in love with other? Or this is your type? Just think about it. But if you still like him, Say "YES" accept it but you still need to learn more. If I were you I will reject because I know man will try to follow you every step if he is the one who tell you; he loves you. You should not be a person who get involve with them easily. Because they don't need to try hard with you also they will walk away from you soon. Sometime being a stubborn person is also good. And I am proud of myself to be a stubborn woman (for a reason) but I still get good advise from other too.

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