What would be a good way to 'come out' as bisexual?


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If u like somebody tell them what u really feel..here's nothing wrong of being bisexual... It means ur just being real...
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Tyler Buchan answered
Im 14 and im bisexual. I feel that the best way to come out is to tell a few of your closer friends that you can trust and if you want to, you can tell others, but be careful as some people are homophobic
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I am straight, but i think you should just tell your parents or whoever you want to tell. Theres nothing they can do to stop your sexuality. Its your life and they cant do anything about it
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Cheyenne Waite answered
I am a young teen and I think I'm bi. I do have a boyfriend, but I've kissed girls before, too. No one but me and the one I kissed knows.
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You are nothing more than a fool. Go look for attention somewhere else. I would bet my life you will me married with kids in ten years...
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olivia jenks.
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Why do you feel that way about someone you've never met? Betting on your life is a serious thing to do and perhaps I am a fool, but it doesn't mean I'm a liar.
brittney netterville
There is no need to be rude to this girl...she is asking ppl about this because she needs help not some one that is going to put her down for who she likes. Olivia girl, be who you are no matter what anyone says..it would be best to tell your friends first and work up the courage to tell your parents..good luck!
olivia jenks.
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Thankyou Brittney :)

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