If you were offered a job as an adult film star making very good money, what is the most extreme sexual thing you would be willing to do?


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Arthur Wright answered

As a matter of fact, I was offered 5,000.00 USD a week to become one several years ago but wasn't my thing so I turned it down but once under contract, they own you and do as they want and the steamer the movie the more it sells and the more you make but you have to decide up front if youre willing to give 110% or nothing at all

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Amanda Layne
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OMG that is a lot of money I would have at least thought about it lol
Arthur Wright
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Amanda , I did think about it for about 2 minutes and knew that wasn't for me no matter what the pay was. The guy wanted me to play a construction worker who did work for very rich and beautiful women
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Probably nothing to wild because I'd be afraid of my little sister finding it and watching it. That's mainly why I wouldn't consider doing it in general

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