Are There Signs Of Someone Being Bi-sexual?


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If someone feels themselves attracted to both men and women there is a chance they could be bisexual. While it is quite normal for a heterosexual person to fantasize about a member of the same sex, if they would be willing to act upon these feelings while still feeling attracted to members of the opposite sex- there is a good chance they could be bisexual.

According to a scale that was invented by Dr Kinsey, the founder of the modern field of sexology, a person can determine how heterosexual or homosexual they are, based on the Kinsey Scale. By answering a series of questions they can determine where they fall on the scale, where one is completely heterosexual and eight is completely homosexual.

If you are curious about your own sexuality and would like to see where you fall on the scale, you can check at the following link:
If a person fantasizes about someone of the same sex while still being attracted to members of the opposite sex, it does not necessarily mean they are bisexual. They are probably very comfortable with their own sexuality and would probably not act on any sexual attraction towards members of the same sex.

For those who are still unsure if they are bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual, one way of finding out is by experimenting. If you are currently with a partner, talk to them about how you are feeling and they may be able to help you come to terms with whatever your sexual orientation and preferences are.
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No signs that you can be sure of - people are very complicated. Also, it's quite possible if you are both young, that your friend hasn't yet completely decided what his sexuality is. Bisexual feelings are extremely common, though the majority of people end up on one "side" or the other. You can probably help your friend a lot by just accepting who he is.
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Well, I've heard that the person will tend to dress both Femmine and masculine when they are bisexual. Generally sometimes they tend to mix in match to two. That's because they like to switch up their sexuality.
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One of my best friends is gay and another bi. They have been through a lot in coming to terms with who they are. I agree with WORDY just accept him for him, but also be sure you know where you stand on the issue. I for example for religious and logical reasons believe it's wrong but thats me not them. Sexual orientation shouldn't affect your friendship with someone unless of course you don't agree and the person is making moves on you that are against your wishes, so accept him and even if he does turn out to be gay make your views clear don't judge and leave the subject alone...

Ps. He's gona need a solid friend more than anything if he is gay, so prepare for war with the world, but stand by his side!

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