What Is Sexual Immortality?


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God's plan for sex was beautiful- between one husband and his wife. ANything outside of that is immoral. That includes fornication ( sex outside marriage); adultery ( sex with someone other than your spouse= an 'affair'); and homosexuality (yes it IS immoral and a abhorrent sin)- also includes any activity related to sex like pornography, strip clubs, "adult entertainment" ; living together outside of marriage, and whatnot.
Fortunately these are forgiven by GOD if we turn away from these sins and ask HIS forgiveness,and for HIS salvation and then live according to HIS word and plan.
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It used to mean having sex with someone you were not married to, but that meaning is passe. For many years it meant having numerous sexual partners, but feelings have changed on this activity also. I believe sexual immorality is when you are engaging in any sexual activity that would cause emotional distress to an innocent person. For example, it is immoral to cheat on your faithful spouse, or engage in any activities of a sexual nature with a minor child.
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I was going to try and answer this but it makes no sense. Unless you change the word immortality to immorality. And that would be anything that goes against the word/laws of God when dealing with sexual sins. And that can be looking upon a woman with lust,having relations outside of marriage,coveting anothers mate,putting away(divorcing)a mate for a indiscretion.good thing the lord God forgives all sins or we would all be in a boat load of trouble and not allowed back into heaven. I sure am glad that Jesus crawled upon that wooden cross of his own free will and took all our sins upon himself and took our punishment.
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Without reading in the bible what you are talking about, I'll take a stab in the dark and say It is probably referring to the sex acts that were taking place during the time of sodom and gomorrah where sex was the order of the day, with any and everybody.....the best to you
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Well, I believe it is much simpler to answer the question "what is sexual morality?" - presuming you mean morality and not mortality. I have not heard of a doctrine of sexual immortality. Absolute sexual morality, according to God's Word, is sex in marriage (between a man and a woman) - period. Any sexual activity outside of that is immoral, according to the Bible. Unfortunately, with few if any absolutes any longer, moral relativism is epidemic. We even use Scripture to relativize (more simply put, rationalize) morality.
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Sexual immorality is defined as the evil ascribed to sexual acts that violate social conventions. For more details and examples, see the link below:
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Sexual immortality is achieved by starring in many pornographic films. For instance, John Holmes and Jenna Jameson are sexual immortals.
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WOW sexual immortality;;;;;is that were we have sex and then live forever!!??!!! Sorry, could not resist!!!!

Now for ImmoraLITY...guess it means sex outside of marriage? Also same sex sex.....what else could it mean?
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I would have to agree with Bgirl sounds right to me.But thats doesnt mean that this is correct.

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