How Many Sexual Positions Are There?


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There is a total of 101 different positions that I know of.
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I have been using a position for 20 years which is not included in the 101
possible positions. And I have a variation of one of the 101 positions that
drives the woen cazy. I will have to write downthe details and description.
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Chatter is exactly right the number is endless! Any possible way we can think of in our puny little minds somebody else can think of 100 more
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64 pure classic positions. You can add your own contortions, oops, distortions.
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Why you care you not getting any anyway
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Erm I'm not sure there proably quite a few, the kama sutra as most of them so I guess you could look in there but then there are the ones that aren't listed in there and can usaully be found online
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There are as many sexual position as you can think of and still more that you haven't thought of yet. Have fun figuring it out . When you come up with a number then let me know....

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