How To Ride Your Man And Make Him Go Crazy?


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Sexual pleasure is one of the most subjective measures imaginable. What feels mind blowingly great to one person will not necessarily make another person feel the same way. The best way to satisfy your partner is to know what they want as an individual - not as a member of a gender! With that in mind then, there are two halves to sexual satisfaction.

The first is the physical part, which involves everything from different sexual acts through to different positions used in penetrative sex. The position plays the biggest part in physical pleasure, as different positions will allow you to stimulate different parts of your partner's body. If the 'cowgirl' (girl sitting on top facing partner) doesn't do it for your other half, try turning around and facing away from him - the 'reverse cowgirl'. This creates a small amount of downwards force (towards the feet) on your partner's penis, adding another dimension to his sensation, but it can also mean your G spot is more easily stimulated; it's a win-win. In this position, the girl is usually on her knees, but a variation is to crouch on your feet. This will provide more control over depth and speed - two big factors in the physical side of sex. Another thing to try is pelvic clenching exercises, which help the girl gain yet more control.

The second part is the emotional or psychological aspect. Many people are as aroused by the idea of something as they are of the actual act itself, and one thing that almost all men enjoy is a girl with a sense of adventure. Trying new sexual positions will be exciting for your partner not only because of the new physical stimulation they provide, but also because of the confidence their partner demonstrates by exploring sex with them. To this end, you may want to invest in sexual aids, which range from the very basic to the apparently terrifying, and are readily available online from places like

Above all, only do what you are both comfortable with, and always ask your partner what you can do for them to make their experience better. Everyone is different in so many ways, and there is almost nowhere where that is truer than in the bedroom.
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L would suggest yhu get a comfrotable position. RELAX. Back straight. Legs wide. For more support you mite want to have his hand holdin your hips or ass. Watever yhu prefer. Now for balance. Pur your feet on the bed/floor/ watever an push up an down. Stroke him nice an slow. Then turn it up. Roll your hips with it. Make sure yhu establish your rhythm. Yhu both do actually. Now heres the fun part. Slowy carefully start bouncing on him. Hop up an down nice an gentle. Slow, staedy fast rough. Lol now repeat stepd 1-4 over until yhu cum. Lol welpp yea yur welcomee.
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Grind on it and bounce up and down, kiss on his neck and moan...that will make him go crazy
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Reverse cowgirl, I suggest on the floor its much better and so FUN get it bounce up an down, oh yes I want to ride it right now
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I feel I'm to fat to ride my man and I don't know how my legs b feeling like they are going to break
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Cmon! A simple search should do the job...

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This is one of mine and my boyfriend's favorite positions. It drives me wild for sure!

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Nice article , I read it and referenced it when doing internet research for my own! From personal experience and from discussions it mainly all comes down to getting out of your own headspace and in to either HIS or relaxing to the point of being able to just enjoy without so much thinking about it.

Men (and I think they'll have no problem agreeing) are essentially simple creatures when it comes to this and seeing an amazing woman so turned on she wants to be riding them rather than... Laying back and thinking of where would be nice to go on vacation that year is one of the best things that can happen to them in life!

Remembering this and thoughts like it really helped me and can help many other women too...basically you can't go wrong - you think your boobs bounce too much? Your hair sticks to your face through sweat? Guess what it doesn't matter - he's loving every single second of it!

- Alexa

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Nice article - I used it as a reference when writing my own guide post on riding your guy on my blog!

Basically it comes down to just remembering to get out of your own headspace, letting your thoughts focus on the sensations you can create and not worrying so much about how you look or what he may be thinking about you. Remeber to any red blooded male having the woman of his desire want him so bad that she's riding him is like top-5 in the greatest things that can happen to him in life....and he knows it.

So if you're worried about how your boobs look jiggling, or your hair is sticking to your face, or you think you just can't get the motion down you have to try to just forget and enjoy. Do what feels good to you, trust me it's all good for him, and it definitely looks great to him no matter what you think you might look like. You see the men staring at the girls jogging in the park? How can you possibly think your boobs jiggling around is anything but sheer pleasure to his eyes!

Relax, let go, be in the moment, find what you like, he'll be more than down for whatever turns you on!

-Alexa, Author of the blog how to ride a man

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