How Can You Drive A Man Crazy?


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If the objective is to drive a man crazy in the context of making him fall in love or lust for you then there are many different methods available. There are many websites and magazines available, giving details and suggestions on different methods for attracting a man and making him fall in love and/or lust.

Many of the given examples across different medias suggest such methods as cooking for the man, talking dirty in bed, allowing him to take care of you and feel manly, wearing lingerie, catching him by surprise with an unexpected sexual gesture and many different sexual positions and moves. They also convey a strong sense of letting the man have his space. For example, allowing him to spend time with his friends without you. Others build on this idea and suggest buying him tickets for events he likes and allowing him to go with his friends.

A lot of the available written materials on how to make a man "go crazy" have similar ideas on what factors increase the chances of this; however they all vary in some ways. For example, some suggest that a man prefers the other person to make the first move as they find it showing confidence, which is perceived as a very good quality. Others employ the idea that making the first move takes away a lot of "the chase", as it is commonly referred to in such written articles.

Examples of media that provide detailed information on attracting and "driving men crazy" are:
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A woman is born with a strong sense of instinct. To drive him crazy and make him fall in love with you madly, dress and act like an enchanted princess. Keep him guessing for your next move. Men subconsciously love to hunt for things; once they find what they want, they tend to lose interest. Why do men have scant respect for the so called 'loose girls'? Because they give in easily. If you really want to drive him crazy, entice him with your words and your actions. Wear outfits with a hint of a cleavage, let him have an "accidental glimpse" of your thigh; wear a distracting outfit which sends the blood rushing to his brain. However you should not appear cheap, you should leave things to his imagination.

Do not reveal; just provoke him to fantasize. Smile a lot, because it improves your face value by a multitude. Postpone your meeting with him; make him 'burn' for you. Maintain a flirtatious eye contact with him, and then before he has his mind made up, turn around and have an animated conversation with his colleague. Your target will be tearing his apart and do anything to reach you and confess his feelings. And one last thing, smell feminine!
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There are a variety of ways, mainly taking things extremely slow, making him want you all the more. Vary your techniques with things, don't get stuck on doing one thing, even if he loves it, find something else he loves equally. The tongue to various parts of his body is very erotic as well, especially if you don't already do that.
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Make his life difficult and get him begging you and when he has given up, move in. Surprise him by giving him what he has been begging you for.
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There are many many ways to drive your man wild most of it I won't be able to talk about on this site but I can tell you that they love to be teased and if you are not scared to do anything well girl then you will have one very happy man and you will be one very happy woman because he would return the favor.  They like everything from head to touch and everything in between especially the in between part, haha.
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I love it when a girl rubs my shoulders and neck. When she rubs my neck I like it when she runs her hands through my hair also.
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Lol I'm sorry what? You people I swear get a life. Just be honest with him if he doesn't like you then more on, if he wants to know you he will. The first few min with him are crucial so be fun and relax.
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Don't sleep with him on the first date. Never return his phone calls. Make him hunt you down. Get off the phone with him first. Do everything to blow him off, even though you want him closer to you.
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Linger your fingers around his hair, his neck a gentle kiss will be a great thing to do..... Just a warm hug is good. Your breath near his ears and a proper undistracted contineous eye contact will be enough to make any guy go mad.....
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Bring him to the edge but not over. Then change it up to take his mind away from being on the edge. Then bring him back to the edge. Do this 4-5 times and when he does let loose, it will be an ultimate climax.
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This really depends on what he likes, and what you're willing to do. Write me back if you want to continue talking about it.
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One thing that drives my guy crazy is when I just feel his arms when he flexes or if I put my hand on his abs or his chest
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Be madly in love with him,and he will love you back.even if he doesn't,know that there is nothing we lose when we love.
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Continue to cheat on him with his once best friend.  Your vagina will after a while show changes and will go crazy and you will hold hands with the devil till you rot in hell.
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Well,most guys when you tease them that they won't be able to so something it'll make them want to prove to you that he can handle it or he can do it..Do something or say something that challenges him in bed..It'll make the intercourse wild..
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Make him do everything, always follow him and go everywhere with him, always text him always ask him what hes thinking, never let his friends over, call him ALL. THE. TIME! Never compliment or thank him, always choose the movie or dinner, make him cook!!!

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