I have a little brother and sister. They drive me crazy. How can i not get agitated with them? I always yell when im around them. Help?


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First of all you must remember that you were their age once, I am sure you did not like people yelling at you.  You must treat everyone with respect.  They are only little children and are very playful.  Try to be patient, maybe you should be the big sister they can look up to.  Sometime you should try playing with them or reading to them and you may find that they are only trying to get your attention and love.  Take care.
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The best thing to do when your little brother and sister bother you instead of yelling at them kindly talk to them. Yelling can make the problem worse and they may not even bother listening to you if you are too harsh to them. I would suggest kindly talking to them and tell them that they are getting out of hand and need to calm down.
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Try to be more patient. Realize that they're still young and don't have the morals and maturity that you have yet. Once you master how to be more patient, it'll really help you throughout life. Being patient is really important with most jobs and generally, dealing with people in almost every situation. Kids can be really enjoyable once you get on their side and realize that they really don't mean any harm.
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There literally is no way to not get agitated with little brothers and sisters. They are kids they are running at full speed and basically you are in their way.  Kids will be kids.
Maybe you should give them something to do or play with or even do it with them.  They may just want to hang out with you, so if you give them a bit of time they may settle down.
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They may agitate you at times. But try this. I did this with my 5 year old niece. I started being super nice to her.. Buying her or getting her candy or a drink when I was out at the store...Or I would ask her if she wanted to play with my stuff..and she started to be really nice back. Maybe this can help you?
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Just think how you would feel in their shoes, count to ten and think of a sugar mouse
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Its hard when youre the oldest because I have the same problem. I feel like they're brats all the time... Just kinda ignore them and if it gets really bad, just tell on them. I know it seems realy tattletailish but it works for me most of the time.
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I have 1 little sister and she used to always drive me crazy aswell just try to ingore them but if they don't stop then try and not be in the same room as them.

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