How Is Homosexuality A Threat To American Families?


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In my oppion its not but if you look at it from the view point of many Americans the perfect family is a male and female who are married with kids homosexuality is a threat to that picture although todays world there are less and less true American families cus of devorce ,death and even un-wed pregnices i hope that answers your question have a nice day
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I don't think that homosexuality is the threat. I think that discussion of such topics is the threat. What people do behind closed doors is nobody else's business. There's no need to talk about it. The problem is: It isn't being kept behind closed doors any longer and look what has become of it. What it boils down to is everyone screems for equality while trying to celebrate their differences. It just doesn't work that way. If you are black, we can see this by the color of your skin, you don't have to use the made up ethnic word "bling" and hold a gun wrong to prove it. If you have homosexual feelings for someone that is between you and him, you don't have to wear a pink tank top that proclaims you as "BAD GIRL!" and talk with a lisp to be gay. As long as people go out of their way to be different instead of actually finding their individuality controversial issues such as homosexuality will continue to be a threat to institutions such as the American Family.
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I don't really think that answers my question though. How specifically can it threaten the American Family?
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Through arguement and misunderstanding mainly (broken family). Another case might be violence against a household with a gay member. Even if they are accepted by the household their life choices can still bring reprocussion (hate crimes).
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it might reduce the population not now, may be in future
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How can homosexuality be a threat to American families, when this act
has been around since the beginning of time.  It may question our morals
but family has no threat from the act itself.

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The only arguments against homosexuality I have heard come from religious people who think same sex couples make Jesus cry and it will undermine and tear apart the concept of marriage and (I guess) the antiquated notion that sex should only be used for procreation.
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Westboro Baptist Church. That's why. One must know a bunch of buffoons may riot outside of their doors, warning them about gruesome hell because of their homosexual son. They may include a few insults as well, "God hates F++s!".

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