How is this for irony/a case of justifying one law while being against another? Florida school fires teacher for being a homosexual/ porn star .while courts allow homosexuals to adopt and placing someone elses kid in the home with them.


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It sounds as if Florida has lost the plot, as education has no place whatsoever for people practicing alternative lifestyles.As with these people being allowed to adopt kids -it's against the word of God and the teachings of the Bible.I would imagine that the Virginia earthquake is a sign of the forthcoming End Times, when policies such as these are encouraged and used.
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This reminds me of a court case where a crippled man bought a classic car just because he liked it ,but he could never drive it. Then someone he knew borrowed it and had a accident while in their possesion.the judge asked why did you have a car when you can't drive,he said because i like the car as a piece of other words this homosexual man got a teaching license that the state that gave it too him won't let him use it.
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Doh! The question should have had a link to the huffington post story about this firing.
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A sign of our decadent times and Huffington is a useful website.
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The key word is TEACHER as this has everything to do here with all this as teachers are required to follow a different protocol

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