Does America lead the world in homosexuality? Are there other countries with a lot homosexuals equal to America?


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i dont know but i was watching u tube and some countries if u cheat on your husband or your homusexual the government cops will kill u by law

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Between 4-5% of any population is homosexual. It doesn't matter where in the world they are, or even the species of animals. It is a fact of biology.

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Nope! It's funny! Our country's constitution screams freedom but we are one of the "very very very last" countries who gave this right to it's citizens.

Netherlands - 2000 - the first country to legalize same-sex marriage

Ireland - The first country who legalized by national election

Belgium - 2003-2004

Canada & Spain - 2005

Norway & Sweden - 2009

Argentina & Luxembourg & Portugal - 2010

Brazil & Iceland & France & New Zealand & Uruguay - 2013

Estonia - law approved 2014 - performed 2016

Finland - law approved 2015 - will be performed 2017

United States (screamer of freedom) 2015-2016 (finally another right Whoowhoo!  (thanks to Barack Obama)

Edit: Countries like Mexico and England or Australia and Russia would be on list but there are law complications.

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If you mean that we have the most homosexual people, then probably not, because we don't have the largest population. We aren't even one of the first to legalize gay marriage- Canada did it in 2005, Ireland did it by majority vote, and many other nations have joined their ranks! We might have the most "out" people, but I'm not sure.

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What an odd question. Are you the real Jan Nicka, or someone who is using that login?

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Now THAT would make an interesting poll if you were to go on numbers alone. Since you accidentally omitted "more" from your question (even though it was readily understood) I'm gonna sidestep and say that Australia leads the world.


Because we have the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras which probably gets publicity world wide -- although, in the US Bible Belt it probably results in an increase in hordes of born-agains rushing out to buy cross-dressing Voodoo dolls and long, painful pins.

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First my question is worded correctly. I like it just the way it is. 2nd Not everyone is against people choosing to identify as homosexual. I would never buy nor have I ever purchased anything to harm other, nor do I know anyone who would. Thanks
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@Tiger: Generalisations should never be taken seriously, even mine. Hmm, I guess that's another generalisation.

@Jan: Sorry, I wasn't having a lend of you. I thought you probably left out "more" before the second "homosexuality". My bad.
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We're 🆒. Thanks

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