My Ex Boyfriend Is Blackmailing Me By Threatening To Post Risque Photos Of Me On The Internet. How Can I Find Out If He Has Done This And What Recourse Do I Have?


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@ Rebecca 000 - arent you scared that he might post it to humiliate you?
This is happening to me right now. Me and my exboyfriend were dating and having good love relationship, I can say that we were so inlove and I trusted him with my naked pictures assuming that it was for our eyes only. Now then, after a week I told him to delete it and he said yes.
Then ... I felt ok. However, everytime we discussions or quarrels and misunderstandings I always win it but since the day he told me that he is going to spread my naked pictures to my boss, clients, family, and friends I felt scared that I would be humiliated. My family is known to be a conservative family if they will find this out, I'm doomed. Any advise pls help me.
We have been on and off with quarrels because I always caught him having another girl like texting and chatting and having other affair. So I also look for a new male friend and chat with him on facebook, my boyfriend got so angry and he is blackmailing me with my pictures. He is such a coward that jerk... Pls advise me. I really wanted to report this to the police.
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I have the exact same problem except that I don't have pictures of him to scare him.I am scared he will show my parents.they will kill me cause in my culture a girl is not even supposed to have a boyfriend. My boyfriend lives in the USA and I live in a different country. Can I ask for american police help or I have to be in the USA. My case is so complicated and am so scared.
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To the 16 year old concerned about the 18 year old posting pics on the internet....try reminding him that he is a petifile and that posting or just having in his possession naked pics of a minor probably equals jail time.
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About all I can say here is that it's illegal to post pictures of someone on the Internet without their consent.  Not that people don't do it all the time, and it's basically impossible to know if someone has or not.  Flickr, Zooomr, and Pixsy are probably the most likely places he would do it at, but again, depending on what he calls the pictures, what tag words he uses, or his user name would be. 
I love Stooperts suggestion #2, though, of threatening to post pictures of him on gay websites.  Email addresses work, too. 
I don't know what good #3 would do except beat your ex to the punch?  Obviously, if the whole issue bothers you, you don't want those pictures out there.  Of course, you could laugh off the whole idea and say you don't care.  But then he might assume he has your ok to post them.
And don't use suggestion #4.  They're his friends, they're going to side with him, and they may even ask to see the photos, assuming he hasn't already shown them, and I just think that it's going to make yourself look bad.
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This is exactly the same for me

I have pictures of him as well though, but I wouldnt even think of stooping that low as to post his.

He told me he was going to put them on facebook, which all of my family are on, even though they didnt know he and I were dating.
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I have the same exact problem. I'm sixteen and he's eighteen. He's threatening to send pictures to my mom and all his friends and post them on facebook and adult websites. I don't have any of him. He made me send them after I moved two states away. I never wanted to send the pictures, but he threatened to kill himself if I didn't (he's attempted suicide before and I know he'll do it again if I do anything wrong). We broke up four months ago but he thinks we're still toghether. I've found someone else and have been trying to get rid of the ex, but I'm terrified he'll send them around. I was pregnant and had a miscarriage and no one but him knew about it; after I tried leaving him he texted my mom and told her about it and that he has the pictures to prove it (baby belly pictures he requested and I agreed since he wasnt here to see it). I denied it to my mom. I don't want to disappoint her any more. I've made so many mistakes, namely getting pregnant and sending him the pictures, that I can barely stand myself anymore.
Sorry for rambling, its just a tough situation.
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Options as follows:
1. Go to the police - not sure if they will be able to do anything tho.
2. Threaten to post the pictures of him on a gay dating website.
3. Post some pictures of yourself on the Internet.
4. Email all his friends with what he's doing, making him look like the daft part he sounds like.
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Go to the police. Do not hesitate for a second. They will write to him a warning letter to say it is illegal to post your pictures on the internet and he can be prosecuted and fined if he does

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