How Can I Get My Family To Accept My Boyfriend And I Being Together?


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I think that you need to ask your parents to give him a chance because odds are they don't like him because of the age difference... My husband is 4 years older me and my family didn't like it at first but I told them that we was going to get married and if they didn't like it then they didn't have to come to the wedding...they still don't care for him much but they deal with him anyway because they know that just because they don't like him doesn't mean that I am going to divorce him...I really wouldn't worry about what my family thinks because you are the one who if yall get married will be living with him not them
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I am curious if your parents have spent some time with him and don't like him or if they strictly don't like him because he is 12 years older than you. I don't know that there really is a way to make your family accept him. But, you are an adult. You are allowed to be with whomever you wish. They know that, and they can not stop you. If you truly love this man, you can't change that. Even though it has been 8 months already, they may still be thinking that the two of you will break up and they won't have to deal with it. You need to talk to your family and make sure they know how it makes you feel that they don't want to get to know him. You have to explain to them how much you love him and that he isn't going away. Age is only a number. I would definitely start crying when you are telling them how hurtful it is that they don't accept him (that usually works for me :) It may take a little bit more time, but they will come around.  If he really is a great guy, they will see it and begin to open up to him. Good luck
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You have to follow your heart but since there is a rough patch just sew it up.arrange a dinner and talk to your boyfriend before the dinner about things your parents like.similarities make friendships and friendships make people family.
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You might try arranging a get-together between your bf and your family. It would be best to do this at your family's home. Ask your family if they would just meet and talk with bf and then decide whether or not they like him.

Usually, disapproval by family indicates a religious difference or a cultural difference which you didn't state in your question.

You are aware of why they don't accept him and without this information it is difficult to answer your question.
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I have a similar problem. I got together with my boyfriend 10 months ago. He is 10 years my senior and my parents in particular my mother refuses to accept him. In addition to this when at home I'm forbidden to mention him and I'm not allowed to tell the rest of my family about him which I think is ridiculous since we aren't looking like we will break up in the near future. I've tried the getting them to meet thing. My boyfriend is up for meeting them so he can be given a chance but they refuse to meet him. My mother uses emotional blackmail saying it will "finish her off". I'm running out of ideas. My boyfriend and I love each other a lot and if they met him they would see how much he cares about me and how he makes me happy  so I agree that if you can get them to meet things would be much easier. However, if you're like me then I I'm unsure what to do. Any ideas as o what to do if parents refuse to meet him??
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I also am seeing a man older than me-well that is we want to date, but people in our small community think the 20 year age difference is a big deal. I personally don't think that age is a big deal, it just matters how you feel about each other, and it shouldn't matter what others think, but it is hard to see someone with disapproving parents etc. Looking on. But the point of my comment is to say that you should do what you want, regardless of age, regardless of what people think or say, and just know that there are other people like me out there with larger age gaps to deal with.

You should invite your mother out to dinner and get your boyfriend to show up unexpectedly.
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It could be that your family sees red flags through their love and experience that you are blinded too.  I really find it hard to believe that their only issue is that he is 12 years older.  I am sure there is something more going on.
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I am going through the same thing.. I am 14 & in the 8th grade. My boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 months & 1 week... He is a 17 year old senior & there is a small chance that my family will accept him.. Sence he is a senior, that means he will be going to college next year & we live in up north near Tallahassee & he has been looking at South Florida and Miami.he loves miami for what ever reason,& I support him with what ever disision he makes. He prob will end up going to Miami and I want to go with him. But if my parents don't accept him, they might tell me not to see him anymore & I can't do that... He is my everything and you can't just end love.. Right! So if I chose to stay with him then they could send him to prison for dating a minor.
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Right you cant jusy end no no that impossible u blove the boy and they sent him to prison its not good flight for ur love

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