Are Gays Ok?


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What kind of question is this ( are gays ok?) whats wrong with you don't you have any gay friends at all, you should. And yes they are ok.
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Yes gays r ok! Im not gay but i know people who r. They r human just like us! As long as they know ur not gay they will be ur friend and not go to far. I just read this book that had a gay dude in it and it was good! U should read it. Title:getting it    by:Alex Sanchez
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Gay is okay no different then being straight. Gay just means that you prefer the same sex i doesn't have to do anything with body types careers talent or looks it simply a sex preference. Love is love it has no color- preference- or boundaries its the same ideology's for both worlds straight & all the alternative life styles there are.
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Gays are people like you and I.   Some are okay and some are not okay but not because of their gayness. Just like heterosexuals .gays can be clean and dirty or cruel or kind or nice or nasty or athiests or believers or any other opposites that one finds in people. It is only their sexual preference that is different.
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No, God don't approve it.
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Sue Robbins
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Yes GAYS are okay & I love them with everyone else equally. So b/c I have a gay son I am not suppose to like, love or care for him? My son is a wonderful, kind, loving person and I am so tired of people JUDGING gays or others for that matter. God loves us all regardless! I go to church, I read the bible, I believe in God and I also know that God loves of all no matter what, he is the one who created us.
Gays! Are more than, ok! God created gays and straights alike! God loves us all!
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Gays are werid people who frankly are wierdos from another planet ! And if you ask me again I will say am not gay and gays are people who should not exist cos there weird lol.

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