Is It Ok To Buy Girly Panties For My Young Son?


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Its perfectly fine. I have bought panties for my son, he  used to sneak and grab his older sisters. She hated it so I asked him why, and he said because he liked how the felt and looked. I asked him ust between us, if you are gay, I said its not a big deal if you are and I wont tell anyone. Turns out hes straight, he just like panties. So I took him shopping and got rid of his male underwear mostly.  He keep a few pairs of boxers to wear over panties for gym class, but other than that he wears girls panties 24/7.

Be careful some panties wont work well with males fr obvious reasons. Some have smaller crotches.   How old is your son?  If  pre puberty then he should fit in almost anything. If older my advice would be to stay away from bikinis mostly (some may work well, but most have smaller crotch areas and hip/waists.    Boyshorts should be ok, briefs, and highcut panties.

My son wears  hanes her way and fruit of the loom nylon briefs
and he likes the kmart pink line for boyshorts and satin panties, and hipsters.

Kmart has a decent collection for being on a budget and nice quality panties.
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It is definitely okay, my mom did for me starting when I was about 6 and a lot for the same reasons your son likes wearing panties too.  Since your son prefers to wear girly panties, why not?
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I wish my parents would have done that for me. I really like wearing panties but I wish I didn't have to hide it. So I say yeah buy him panties, he'll really love them and someday he will thank you for it. Good luck panty shopping. Make sure to buy him some nylon ones.
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It is okay, some boys know from a very early age if they are different. I was, I know I wanted to be a girl by age 6 or so. I wore my Mom's at first and then when shopping one day for panties I asked her to buy me Day of the Week Panties. They were in nylon and bikini. I wore these everyday for a couple of years until I wore out a pair then I got more. By age 16 I was dressing up completely as a female. It all felt so natural and relieving to me. So please everyone don't punish, yell, tease your child if you catch him in your or your daughter's panties. Just ask him if he would like his own. And tell him you will not tell anyone.
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I'm a boy. I love wearing cute girls panties. I love wearing pink ones with flowers on, Hanna Motanna panties Princess panties, Disney panties
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I will be answering this in a whole different fashion and I do mean fashion. Note that they have the "boyshorts" for girls? Well that is just stupid to me. So, unless it is a draw because someone identifies with the other gender, which I will not address, why are we not designing underclothing that is more comfortable for the sexes without the big issue of it belonging to one gender or another.

I guess I would market them as uni-sex underpants. I am sure that many would consider them as some sort of degenerate thing, however, why is it that girls can cross over and wear men's clothing and still chase after men, being a complete woman and nothing is said, but the same cannot be done in reverse?

I will be the first to admit I would be uneasy to see my son sporting pink jeans that fit him well. But I can admit that. So I guess my point being that maybe fashion of underclothing should take a listen. There is a market out there that could be sold with more of an openness and marketability.

So could I buy my son those underclothing. Not with my comfort zone, which is why I am so glad he is over 18 and purchases his own clothing!

Wake up fashion trend setters and those in clothing design, you got a market here and the world has a more open mind. You can do something with this. See this...I could probably would have been done better with purcashing for my son.

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People make way too much of boys that want to explore panties. When you compare the underwear choices that girls have against what boys have, girls have far more choices.  A panty is just a piece of cloth, not something that is holy.

If your daughter wanted to have boys boxers to sleep in or wear around the house would you send her for professional help? It is the same with boys and panties.

My suggestion is that you should sit down with your son and discuss this with him. Let him know that there is nothing wrong with him wanting to see how panties feel and how he looks in them. Then take him to a clothing store and ask him to pick out the types of panties that he likes. Get a few for him and when you get home, let him try them on and model them for you.

The point you should make is that if that is his underwear choice, it is ok but there has to be rules. Rule 1 is that he does not wear other family members clothes without asking. Rule 2. Other kids will surely tease him and cause him problems at school if they find out he is in panties so the wise choice is to wear them anywhere except school or school functions. Rule 3 is that his underwear choices are personal and do not need to be shared with others as in rule 2.

If you openly discuss this with him and buy him some panties of his own, I suspect the issue will go away. I started wearing panties as a 12 year old when my older sister started dressing me in her old clothes when she was bored. After a while, it ceased to be exciting because I became used to them.

Open discussion is the key here and don't make him feel that there is something wrong with him for wanting to explore panties.

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As a male who has dressed in panties since I was 8 and I'm 26 now, I don't see anything wrong with it. I have female friends that use to take me shopping with them and still do when I'm looking for new boy-shorts or panties. We use to have to sneak my panties in the house and hide them so that my parents wouldn't find out and kill me for being a freak or gay. I think if a boy or man wants to wear boy-shorts or panties no one should judge them for their decision. Hell women love to cross dress in men's clothes and they aren't accused of being freaks.

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Hi Josh can understand a bit where you coming from saying you saying you need to hide your panties. But you 26 years old you grown up not a child so you should be able to wear what you want . No you are not a freak. even if you re gay you still not a freak.
I had been doing the same from the age of 10 when I was 14 was involved in a car accident and ended up in hospital no one in AE etc seamed to care I was wearing girls underwear . when I got to the ward my mum wisped in my ear its ok she had known for some time about my choice of underwear .
she just said mums know everything she was fine with it so please don't hide them its your life . Once again you we are not freaks yours john

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