Can Guys Wear Satin Panties?


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Womans panties my wife got me in to them one night when I was just to tired to stay up, woke up to the most incredibale feeling and she wouldnt stop till I was all petered out. Then she got up and there I was in womans pantys!  And she just loved what it did to me!!!!  And I thought I was the only one that wears them. The men ones don't do anything but get me to wear the woman ones and look out!!!  Only that pair seams to do it for me.     So a guy can wear satian panties,LADYS MAKE HIM WERE THEM!!!
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I wear satin panties all the time. No reason that you can't wear them also.
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In a recent survey, many men claimed that it was the feeling of panties that they enjoyed, the silky smoothness, the satiny caress. Fair enough, and well and good, but if that were the whole case, then why not just wear satin boxers? There are plenty of traditionally masculine styled underwear products out there for men if they want the feeling of panties without the appearance of femininity, but still, the majority of men who wear panties, prefer to wear panties either made for women, its that taboo, or naughty feeling to be wearing something made for a woman. If you are into wearing panties there is a great community for guys wearing panties is the place and you will see that there are LOTS of men who wear panties.
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Why would men deny themselves the wonderful sensation of having their skin most intimate areas caressed by silk or satin? Just because convention allows woman to wear silk or satin and men are made to wear course thick cottons that either flutter around your legs or squeeze and rub, or heat and abrade sensitive areas of your body.

The feel and comfort of a well fitted pair of panties made from satin, silk or soft nylon is a pleasure no man should deny himself of.

Let those rigid believers in Victorian conventions suffer the sack cloth comfort  they seek for others
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Sure, guys can wear satin panties.  But nylon ones, at least to me, feel about the same and not only are they less expensive, they are also are more available.  That is what I wear ... And I love the variety of colors, styles, etc. That are available.
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Not unless they had been styled and designed and was meant for men.

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