Do Other Guys Wear Panties?


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You bet ... When I first started wearing panties it was part-time, but when my gf found out she insisted and from then on I wear panties every day.  In fact it was long after I started wearing panties full-time that my gf got rid of the last on my male undies, saying they were just taking up space in my panty drawer.  She was right and so I now wear only lingerie ... And sometimes we wear matching lingerie under our clothes just for the fun of it.
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It has been determined that at least 75% of men have tried on panties at some time and data shows that 25 to 30% of men wear panties every day. Simple logic implies that some number of men between 75% and 30% wear panties sporadically to regularly.
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Why not?  Whats a real turn on  is let her slip them on you  when your sleeping and she wakes you up as you go up.  And as she lays across you,you dont know what shes doing. But beleive me when you go off and she does quit till your all petered out you wont for get her.
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I would think if you could pick 20 guys at random and make them drop their pants, I think at least 7 or so would be wearing panties. Just a guess though.
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Yes they do,  I do and love it.  Boyshorts.  And hipsters are the best.  But I also wear pads cause of my blader problem.  Rock on

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