What Do Girls Think Of Guys Who Wear Panties?


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It is true that tight underwear can lower your sperm count. However, open-minded girls will at least try to understand the reasons for a guy to wear panties, without judgement. Maybe it's because they find them comfortable (those satin ones would probably feel good), or they like the snug fit, or they are aroused by wearing them. Whatever it is, it's OK. The society in which we live is extremely focused on the gender binary (girls should be girls; boys should be boys). This is unfortunate, because we are limiting ourselves to gender expressions that ONLY "belong" to the gender that is associated with our biological sex. Let me tell you, sex and gender are two COMPLETELY different things, but that's another can of worms!
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99% of the girls I have known, know that I wear thong panties and they just love it! They always want to see what I am wearing each day so I will either show them or they just walk up to me without saying anything and look for themselves. I am always wearing shorts so it is pretty easy access for them. I love it!
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My ex-wife, the "prude" that she is, thought I was gay when she found out that I wear only woman's panties. She more or less just had to learn to except it. The girls that work at the lingerie shop I shop at, think it is cool.  I had one lady "Yahoo", as she pumped her fist in victory, as if to say 1 for women, 0 for men.
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I don't think girls really do think about guys who wear panties... Personally I think guys would be quite uncomfortable in panties... Why be uncomfortable when its not necessary...and if it is for drag then who really cares what a girl thinks...
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I wear panties because they are more comportable then mens briefs. Nothing like haveing your stuff hanging in satin,or nylon all day,feels great,and its a turn on too,keeps a guy evcited all day!!
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Many, but not all girls, like it.  Some because they feel the guy is in-touch with his femme side ... Others because they find it sexy.  Those are just two of many reasons that girls like guys who they know wear panties.

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