What Do You Think Of A Man Who Likes To Wear Panties?


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I guess you are asking what i think of myself as i am a straight guy that wears panties basically 24 /7, i have no problem with it as i am hurting nobody and lets face it any undies you wear are just fabric, i wear them for comfort as i find they fit better and are cooler in hot weather, if you are thinking of trying it i would strongly suggest it
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Go for it, I think it is great a man can say he wears women panties and be proud. I am proud of the panties i own and wear
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Why not? A man should be able to wear panties. A man who wears panties is pretty normal if you ask me. I wear panties 24/7.
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Wearing women's thongs feel great! I would not wear anything else. I have just as many thongs as my wife. When she buys them for her, she buys them for me. I do not own anything else. Sometimes other men will see them on me and and question me and I just tell them not to judge until they try it. I would recommend it for every man to try. My wife thinks it is HOT and we have sex more than most couples.
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Well, I wear them all the time.  To answer the guy above - some guys MANLINESS isnt very much (like mine).....  I am one of those guys who has a very small package and it fits well in panties.  I love the way the feel
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I have been wearing women's panties at home for years. Why should the women have all the fun? Womans panties are not plain like men's, and the feel of silk, satin against your skin is great. With everything that is going on in the world a man in panties is harmless. So guys stock up on panties. I visit this community at all the time, its a place for men wearing panties and you would really be surprised at just how many men wear panties.
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Umm straight and i think its pretty stupid...ur a guy, show off your manliness by wearing guys underwear a.k.a boxers...

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