Should A Man Wear Panties?


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Only if he's comfortable. He probably shouldn't tell his buddies though. And not borrow his wifes. Bickle should really answer this one.
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If I wore my wife's panties, they'd split. Then I'd have to take here to a department store and part with my hard-earned cash. So I would not recommend men wear panties.
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I would say a very strong YES to this on, but be sure you are willing to take the comments from friends/ family that may not understand, i love love love my panties and wear them pretty much all the time as i find they fit better and feel way more comfortable
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If he is I sure do not want to be made aware of the situation! If it is for a movie or some other related play or show then it is explainable and most likely for the show.
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He should if he wants to or if his gf/wife wants him to.  Panties are just undies that are more comfy and sensual if you get the right ones. I love my panties and look totally great in panties.
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I think people should wear whatever they want under their clothes. Under your clothes is personal and who are we to judge a man that likes panties. At one time people didn't like women wearing pants.
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Why is it that we no longer think anything of a woman wearing jeans or a woman wearing boxer shorts, fact a woman wearing boxer shorts is thought of as sexy. But a man wearing panties is considered out of the norm or strange. Woman can wear mens underwear and no one would think anything different about it, but put a man in panties and people would think different. Maybe it is because most men are still thought of as to be masculine and show that masculinity and not show any emotions or a lighter side, and men who stray away from showing there masculinity and showing a more feminine side are frowned upon and thought of as gay, bisexual or bicurious and not thought of as straight. But in reality a real man can be both, he can be masculine and also feminine and he can show both with ease and comfort. But the facts are that most men wearing panties are straight. However in spite of the fact that most guys wearing panties are straight, the perception our society has is that a man wearing panties is less masculine than his muscle bound counterpart. So yes a man should be able to wear panties, just as a woman should be able to wear mens boxers. A great community to visit about men wearing panties is there is lots of great advice there and its a great place if you are into wearing panties to chat with others.
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Men should wear panties only if being "tortured" in Gitmo or Abu Ghraib, and then again only on the head.

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