If A Man Is Into Wearing Panties Should They Tell Their New Girlfriend First Before Dating?


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I didn't tell my girlfriend immediately, but it just happened on our second date that she had just seen a show about cross dresser, which obviously interested her since she brought it up and wanted to talk about it.  But then she wanted to know if I had ever cross dressed and if I had if I enjoyed it or not.  Well I admitted I had and yes I enjoyed it, she wanted to know all about it.  On our next date my girlfriend brought up the subject again and that is when she found out I was wearing panties under my boy clothes and that excited her.  She made me promise to crossdress for her on our next date, which I did ... And after that she just kept encouraging me to go a little further, then a little further.  Now we are married and where she enjoys my femme side, I do too.
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I wouldn't tell a potential girlfriend right away that you dig wearing ladies underwear, and on those first few dates before you tell her, if sex is a possibility, perhaps you should try wearing boxers. You NEVER know how someone is going to react, it may send her running for the hills before she even gets a chance to know.
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He probably willn't tell the girl, because he figure she not going to date him.
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I would tell in a right time

She might think you transsexual or gay

You need to tell her this Cross dressers are not gay or transsexual they are straight heterosexual men who do it for enjoyment and are happy with their body.

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I wouldn't tell her right away....but if she can see how excited you get touching them...she may get the idea for you!!!
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Not the first date, but I would tell her and explain why you wear panties. At the right time. First date might send mixed messages you want sex. The first date has a lot going and don't destroy it. When you do let her know be able to back what you feel.
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Pervert?? Useless comments come from useless minds. Offer an honest opinion not garbage.
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If your BF Wears Panties,I would call my Friends over and Have them help me
Like start with shower  and shaving legs,underarms,arms,
trim crotch!! :) .Then I would Give him new panties and bra to wear ,Plus girls
Levis,Cimsole,Blose,Nice Flat shoes probably white or Black.Then I would take
him to my favorite beauty Salon to have his hair done like a Chick.Then I would
put nice Earings on him.Then take nice picture of him all dolled up and keep
Photo for Enforcement.Then me and my Girlfriends would have a nice Welcome
girl party (Feminety style).Maybe thats the way to cure any BF who is a Panty Wearer!!!!((((((((((((((LOL)))))))))))).Maybe that answers your Question?.
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Of course you should tell her! She has a right to know what she is getting into. Not many girls like that sort of thing. I don't know of any girls that like it. Why should they? I mean, guys aren't supposed to wear panties!
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That's the thing, because "guys aren't supposed to wear panties" . Pantie underwear doesn't change the man, but society still thinks so. I prefer the better fabrics and styling that are put into panty manufacture. It's my personal preference in UNDERWEAR, not a lifestyle change.
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This guest is funny, not on a first date let her find out later, you may just surprize her a little to much but throw the idea of how much you get turned on by her wearing hers. And comment if you ever had that fabric on youd be a slave to them, she just may surprise you on your birthday,let her surprise you whith them.

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