I'm A Lesbian And My Girlfriend Is Bisexual. How Can I Tell If She Misses Men?


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By the fact that she is staying with you. I am bi, and know that I would never leave a girlfriend I like enough to continue seeing.  Don't forget that any guy she has dated has to wonder if he will be left for a woman. Trust her actions: If she stays with you, she wants you, not a random person attached to a dick. Tell her if ever she wasn't satisfied to just tell you and you can both work on it and try something new as a couple.
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You could just ask her. Communication is vital to any successful relationship.
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The way she act to thats what I think
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Thats a hard one to answer best way talk to her honesty is the best way
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By the way she stares at them....body language dude...I know my ex did it to me to.
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Does she sweep the floor with the broom between her legs?

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