My girlfriend admitted she is a bi last night; what do i do? She is 15 years old just like me, she said she never or will cheat on me. We have been Together 7 months. What do i do? I really love her.


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You know, if you trust that she wouldn't cheat on you, especially with another girl, then I think it should all be good. And it probably will make you uncomfortable but you will probably get used to it. And to tell you that in confidence even though she knew you could possibly get mad and dump her, and she still told you, that definitely says something :)
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If she says she just found out and is still with you, that would mean that it's not a problem for her and that she still wants to be with you.If you're comfortable with this, you should both try and stay together.
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At 15 neither of you really understand what bi, lesbian or gay really means and what all is involved in it. You know what each means yes, but do you understand the difference of each one.
For one thing, if she is bi and now you know it but even if you didn't, if she is with another girl or woman she is not technically cheating on you because she has you as her main crush and maybe a time with a girl. If you accept her as bi, you could come out the big winner in the long run because you would have your girlfriend and maybe also have fun with a girl she is with as well. There is nothing wrong with a girl/woman being bi.
Love her and enjoy the side benefits you may also have from this. Talk with her about this. Explain if she wants to be with another girl you would also like to be there as well and the three of you enjoy one another. Leave the way open.
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never ever
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Ew no! I only want to be with one person. And I'm pretty sure she's not bi. We talked about it and she wouldn't date a girl she says; I'm pretty sure she's just bi-curious.
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Now you really are showing your age 15. In a few years you will not want to pass up the chance of having a threesome. If she is bi-curious that is fine but if she gets curious enough she will carry through. If she does don't throw a tantrum and leave her just go on as you and she normally do you will be the winner believe me!
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Does it bother you ??
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Somewhat to be honest, I don't want her one day to be like LOOK AT THAT ASS, SHE'S HOT. If you know what i mean xD
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Lol i see what u mean.
But well, this can also be a good thing,
She might not get jealous.?....
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Well really, it shouldnt matter at all; it might make you a little uncomfortable I guess, but if your really sure she loves you then it shouldnt be a problem
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Sapphire McAdams
No she just probably relised now
Mary Asha
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Yea, i guess she might start getting attracted evn to girls.. This might affect yur relation in d future... But if she loves you truly ..nothing goes wrong..
jiynaeshia sholke
If you love her that much dont let her go just make sure that you dont c her wit other girz (boyz)
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Well, if you trust her, then let it go, and as long as you're ok with her being bisexual, then forget about it, and move on with your guys relationship.
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Stay with her it shouldn't bother you the likelihood of her cheating was the same as if she wasn't. There should be no problem with it. It's her life to do with it as she pleases. If she is bi then fine so be it.

Hope I helped. Xx

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So what if shes a bi, she only said it to you cause she wanted to tell you the truth and not keep it to her self and if she said she wouldnt cheat on you and if you really like her it shouldnt matter

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