I proposed("I love u ") to my crush on Facebook 3 months earlier. She didn't refuse but she just told me she doesn't have an answer till now. Whenever she have the answer she will let me know. It is embarrassing to ask her the same question again. What should I do?


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If I'm reading your question correctly, you said that you proposed on Face Book? If you did, no wonder she didn't answer yet. A marriage proposal is done face to face, not online.

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A proposal is a social and legal commitment for marriage.  She is not giving you an answer because she is too young to know how to handle this situation and doesn't want to hurt your feelings.  She is a crush, which is not the same as a long-term relationship with an equal. 

Instead of proposing, ask her out on a date.  Leave the proposing stuff alone for a few years  neither of you are ready 

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Nikhar Sachdeva
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Sorry for wrong spelling of your name. @Rath_Keale
Rath Keale
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Nikhar, you should have given your country of origin. My answer would have been completely different. Talk to your parents about them communicating with her family to discuss suitability and a plan. You haven't said your ages. Let your parents handle the first steps.
Nikhar Sachdeva
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We both are 17 .. and school mates
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This is not the kind of relationship that is ready for marriage. Sorry but not even close, couples need to spend time one on one getting to know each other in person. A few manage to do otherwise but a public online proposal is not what anyone wants. No answer tells me that the answer is NO but your feelings are trying to be spared. You are not being taken seriously. I understand thing may be different there but family may have other plans you aren't aware of.

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Because she's shy and gentle, you do nothing. She knows how you feel because now you have told her. Keep continuing to talk to her as you normally do, but don't bring this up again. If she's as shy as you have made it seem, she needs time to think about what this means and she needs time to figure out how she feels about you. It sounds like she is a gentle spirit. If she loves you back, she will let you know. Just stand by and continue to be her friend. Good luck.

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Now you're concerned about being embarrassed?  You proposed on fb!!!! How much more embarrassing can it be??? So if you all get married are you going to just communicate through fb? 

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Nikhar Sachdeva
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Actually a genuine reason besides my facebook proposal and that is :-
@cookie_roma , i just did that , because my girl is of very shy and sensitive nature and in india if someone saw a boy-girl (our age 17 years) talking each other , they starts to tease them , and spread rumors . which my girl fear most , because she belongs to a very gentle and reputed family . That's why instead of saying all that face to face in School , i did that on facebook . By the way , i called her later also , she simply told , "she doesn't have the answer till yet , whenever she gets the answer , she will let me know " but she didn't spoked till yet. Although i call her almost 4 times a week , for casual talk "
But i didn't asked the answer again as i think it could be embarrassing ..
Any Suggestions ? how and what should i say her , for the answer?
I will try not to feel heartbroken , if the answer is NO .. but atleast i must know the answer ?? What should i do ??
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First of all, what on earth are you doing proposing on Facebook? A marriage is something that could last the rest of your life, so Facebook is the last place you should be doing that.

Secondly, leave her be. Don't pester for an answer or you're probably going to end up scaring her away (if she hasn't already been scared away)

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Nikhar Sachdeva
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Thats what the real problem .
Okay! I accept, she didn't answerd till.yet, it meant " NO" , but then why didn't she Clearly Says Me "NO"
Nikhar Sachdeva
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" She just spoke me on Phone and, told me she doesn't have an answer till now. Whenever she have the answer she will let me know ".
Nikhar Sachdeva
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Now, after seeing all the answer /advices, I planned to wait and wait and wait..
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If the answer was yes she would have told you already, she's trying not to embarrass you and to let you down easily.  She keeps telling you she's not ready which means she doesn't want to get married now, you're both 17 and in school, how would you support a family?

I think you should leave her alone and look around for somebody else, if she changes her mind she'll let you know.  If you keep asking her it will only make her feel that she was right not to accept you.

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