Should I give up on this 5 year friendship: Me and my best friend have been friends for 5 years, but she has suddenly started being rude to me. She is ignoring me on Facebook and doesn't answer my calls. This all started ever since she got pregnant. What should I do?


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Ok, it's hard to give you a good answer, without knowing the details. All I can really say is that you need to consider the situation, as well as how you feel. If she's pregnant, she's going through a massive change in her life, and it takes a toll on a person mentally. Frankly, she may just have too much going on in her life, to have time for you right now (and I don't mean to be blunt, or mean, but when in a crisis, people can be very egotistic).

However, this does NOT mean that you should "roll over and take the abuse". If you can't get ahold of your friend, write her a message on facebook explaining how you feel. Keep it to the point, and be honest. Try not to dramatise it, or start a fight, because this will never get you anywhere. I'm a big believer in honesty, and I think that if you tell her exactly how you feel, you'll be able to decide what to do, based on her reaction.

A true friend will care about you, regardless of what is happening in their life. Take it from someone who let go of a friend of 10 years (my best friend), because the friendship was no longer mutual, and it was only causing me grief.

It's one thing sticking around in tough times, to help your friend out. It's another to stick around in a situation where you are ignored and made into feeling bad about yourself (and what you may/may not have done).

Stay true to your feelings. If you're angry, then by all means, be angry.

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