My friend told me to listen to a band called Blood On The Dance Floor (she hates them) and asked me what I think, I said they weren't that bad and she started cursing at me and now she's been ignoring me because I said they weren't that bad! Any advice?


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Clearly your friend is being unreasonable and is overreacting. Like seriously, I had a friend like this too and it was so annoying when I told her that "yeah I don't mind listening to ___" or "I don't really dislike ___ but I don't really listen to them either" or whatever statements that pretty much stated my indifference towards the band or genre like what you did.  Then my friend would go on saying how I don't have any taste in music because I don't have a strong hatred for any band or genre and therefore am not human. She wasn't really one to cuss me out but saying that I wasn't human just because I don't hate anything is pretty hurtful too. So yeah, point is I know what you're going through.

And the best solution for this? Ignore her right back. Obviously someone who behaves like this just because of an opinion as insignificant as band preference (or slight indifference in your case) isn't someone you want to hang out with often and isn't worth your time. The friend who I was talking about earlier was one of my best friends and she did that for everything I was indifferent to like certain types of music, TV shows, movies, works of art, views on certain activist groups, and so on. It got the point where I thought that things are a bit out of hand and I started to hang out with her less (also she started to do things that I didn't want to get involved in). Therefore if I can do this with one of my best friends, I'm sure you can too with this friend whether or not she's your best friend or just a regular friend.

I know that you may think that it's rather weak to just run away from this problem but sometimes when it comes to people, especially those who are just so unreasonable about it, it's best to leave them alone and let the problem either work itself out, disappear over time, or not become your problem anymore by severing ties. Honestly, it is not worth your energy to deal with people like this, especially if this isn't the first time that it has happened. Also with someone this unreasonable, you can't really fix anything using reason or simple logic which means that you'll have a difficult time if you do plan on fixing it. That's why my advice is to not fix it and see how things go after a while.

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Botdf is terrible and i probably would do the same thing because that is embarrassing

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if she was real friend she wouldn't get mad at you for liking something she hate's. if she's ignoring you just hangout with someone else or make new friends.

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