My crush says she likes me, but is dating another guy. I told her she was in a relationship, and she said that she would consider dating if/when they broke up. Advice?


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Matt Radiance answered

This remind me of a customer trying to buy something and considering his options to catch the better product with reasonable price.

You can keep being friend with her but don't consider her as a relationship goal because the way she carry the values are so low and inappropriate.

Just take a deep breath.

Then listen to Bikergirl.

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Run away!  You are definitely not a priority in her life.  Go out there and have fun until you connect with someone who values the relationship as much as you do.  Don't be a standby option for anyone.

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Talk is talk..... Her actions say more then her words. You are setting yourself up for a heartache. :0(

Matt is right..... Listen to BikerGirl!

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Stay away .. Far away!

If that is any reflection of her moral standard then she's not worth having.

Negotiating a new relationship while you're still in a relationship is not cool!

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Bikergirl Anonymous
You may not think it is .. But it is. You may just be naive and not see it. She is sharing something with you that is completely inappropriate. .. Let me put it this way .. Consider this ... What if you were her current boyfriend .. How would you feel if you found out she had this same conversation with some other guy?
Noah Urbany
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True, but she has been my friend for over four years and I can't just cut her off.
Noah Urbany
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That may be why I am as naive as you say.

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