Should I Be Angry With My Father If He Has A Girlfriend And My Mother Only Died Eighteen Months Ago?


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Of course you will be angry. Your fathers place in your mind and in your family is the husband to your mother and just because your mother has died, they aren't divorced in your head and they won't ever be.

But your father has needs, and I don't mean sexual, he has a need for company and to feel good about himself and right now, he needs that to be another woman. He isn't trying to replace yuor mother, or forget her, or probably even move on, he simply needs to be cared for, and after the pain of losing your mother, he probably deserves from TLC, and not just from a family member.

If you can forgive him for having the need for human love, not just your love and know that she will never replace or be able to replace your mother, you won't lose a second parent too.
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Yes. It is very common to react by getting angry. How can he forget his wife just in eighteen months. Please try to have a discussion with him or better to inform to any other elders in your family or relations. They may come and discuss this issue with him. It may give a good result.
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This person is helping you to be selfish. Your father is an adult. He does not owe you or anyone an explanation for his actions. You have your way to react and everyone else has their own way. You think he has to wait for you or anyone else to get over this before he can go forward?
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This is a very normal reaction. It is completely natural for you to feel some resentment. It is best to get the anger out by discussing it in a constructive way with your father, if you feel it will help your relationship.

However, it is also important to realize that you may not totally understand how your father feels. While other people's actions are not always easy to comprehend, we don't have the benefit of 'walking in their shoes'. Hopefully with some attention to the issue, you will begin to work out the situation and feel more at peace. As you will probably understand from you loss, life is far too short to hold on to negative feelings. You will likely want your relationship with your father to be good and healthy. Forgiveness and acceptance are of great benefit to families, but sometimes the hardest things to do.
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Obviously you will be angry with your father.Its a human nature.but you know this is become a part of life.Father may need a good company who will stand aside in old age.It may be a reason that your father has no faith on you. Whatever it may be don't worry.Keep a good relation with your father.Don't prove that anyone is wrong but prove that you are right.ok

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