Im A Married Woman Who Has Been Having An Affair With A Single Man. About Two Months Ago He Found A Girlfriend,but Still Calls Me And Wants To Hook Up Occasionly.why Would He Still Be Interested In Me.?


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I too am a married women and have been in an affair with a single man for the last 20 months.  Six months ago I found him with another women about to have sex with her but he made her leave.  After I talked to him this behavior had been going on for the entire time we have been together.  My conclusion to his behavior is that since all the women he was having sex with including me are married and he doesn't have to commit to them (me).  He also views us as being desperate and needy and not getting at home what he can provide.  I honestly can say I did fall in love with this man which I believe was by his design to keep me as one of this other women when they weren't available.  In retrospect this man never cared for me it was all about his needs and wants.  So I have taken it upon myself to expose his behavior to the other women's husbands by photos and mailing them to their husbands.
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Because he know that you love him, and he wants you to be the other women. He doesn't care about you at all.

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