My Husband Had A Virtual Affair But He Still Wants And Loves Me, What Should I Do?


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Well I think that if your heart says yes take him back then take him back don't just do it because he says he love you make him show you that he loves you and want to be back with you but if your hearts says yes then do it but only you heart and not your mind or your mouth take him back because you have set in your mind that you can forgive him and work things out gain but only because your heart says yes but the only thing about it when you forgive you must forget so forgive him and forget about it only if your heart says it
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I hate to say it, but my opinion has always been: Once a cheater, always a cheater. You will never regain the trust you had and you will always question his loyalty. You will always wonder where he is whenever he is late and you will never believe him again. Anytime he buys you flowers for no reason, you will wonder what is he trying to make up for. I have seen people in relationships with cheaters and they have never been happy. I'm sorry to be so negative but that is what I have seen. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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Virtual? Maybe he thinks there's something lacking in his real life. A face to face is definitely needed. He needs to come clean as to why he found a virtual affair so attractive. It may not be physical cheating, but it is cheating none the less when one has an attraction for another, regardless of how innocent it may seem. His head went to a another woman. Will he do again?

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