How Do You Know If Your Husband Is Having An Affair?


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There can be signs that indicate a possible affair, but don't jump to any conclusions, before you look at the situation
objectively. I imagine you have discounted the option of asking him straight out if this is a situation.
Sometimes after all is said and done, this is the only way, to really find out the truth. Of course he may lie to cover it up, but on the other hand perhaps it is eating him alive, and he may be waiitng for an opportunity to come out with it , and confront it.
Men sometimes can act out to force their partner to see what is happening, and confront them.
However some signs that may indicate an affair are, staying
away more and more, including staying at the office on a regular basis, and being overly defensive about questions as to his whereabouts.
Suddenly dressing with more care and attention, and making cruel comments about your appearance, or alternatively lavishing gifts on you to deal with his guilt.
Avoiding talking about the relationship, being less interested in the physical part of your relationship,
being secretive about his mobile phone and computer.
However you could become very paranoid, checking up on all these things.
Follow your gut feeling, and if it says yes, confront him.

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