My Husband Has Just Told Me He Is Divorcing Me And I Am Really Scared Of Being Alone. What Should I Do?


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It really isn't uncommon for many women to feel scared when they are going through a divorce. In fact, many women stay in loveless relationships and marriages because they fear that same loneliness. However, it really does not have to be a bad step. You will be getting a divorce for a reason and however horrid that reason is, it is generally for the best because whether the divorce is through mutual reasons or through a partner cheating or simply wanting to leave, surely it has to be better than living with somebody who does not fully appreciate you?
Once your husband does leave, it gives you a chance to rediscover yourself. Do not see the divorce as a bad thing, try and look at all the things you can achieve in this new step in your life. That is not to say that you won't have hard times. You will, just like everybody else does, but you can get through it! Get a new haircut, call on friends and family, and join an online support group – anything! Just try and turn it into a positive thing instead of a negative thing but also allow yourself to come to terms with it.
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First of all....Start by pulling yourself together. Don't be afraid. Show him that with or without him you can live. Don't let him have control over your mind like that. You will be fine. I know a divorce can be stressful and hurtful but it'll get easier. Even though you may be hurting on the inside, don't let him see it. If he sees it then he will use that for his advantage.

You still have a life to live after the divorce sweetie so I say live your life and find your happiness. You can do it! You have nothing to be afraid of. Keep your head up and remain a strong woman and everything will work out fine. Stay positive and keep on being who you are. I hope everything works out for you. If you need someone to talk to then feel free to chat with me on my yahoo address @ [email protected].....
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This is a major event in your life and can be very traumatic.
You'll experience a whole range of emotions that you possibly didn't know it was possible to experience.
The thought and reality of being alone can be very upsetting after you've been used to having support and someone around for you.
Don't expect to feel great about it but don't be suprised if after a while living alone doesn't prove to be too bad after all.
You can join all sorts of clubs and organisations to make yourself get out and about and meet people. Eventually when the hurt subsides a little you might enjoy living alone, many people do find this, often to their suprise.
You need to perhaps think about whether or not to saty in your present home or whether a move would be good for you. Don't try to do too much too quickly and give yourself time to adjust to what is happening to you and take all the support you can from family and friends but don't let them tell you what you should be doing.
One of the biggest mistakes people can make is to move in with an unsuitable partner to fill the empty gap. You could however think about the possibilty of a lodger to help pay bills and have someone around. If you do decide on this be very fussy about who you choose.
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Dooooon't beg him back, that could be the worst possible thing you could do. Show him you'll be fine without him in your life and that will annoy him, which will put a smile on your face :) You should also make sure that you are open with friends and family who will help you through and talk to them about the divorce. You should also try to take up some new interests (hard as this may seem) so that you keep busy and don't dwell on him.
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Been there done that. Not just once.  I know how scary it is to believe in your self and your capabilities when you've had a husband leading your moves, helping with decisions, or just making them, and perhaps even insinuating you weren't as capable as he was, but guess what? You are capable, more than you know. The only way to know is by trusting yourself and doing it with style. It is easier than you think to handle the small stuff and when you do that, well the big stuff will meet a more confident person, and you will thrive. Men are nice, but they aren't everything.

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Don't be scared, start planning. The best thing you can do is to look forward and see how you can make the best out of your life after a divorce. Sometimes, success is the best form of revenge!

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